60 Days Stop Hair Loss Challenge. Use This Secret Grandma Oil

If you have dandruff, frizzy hair, hair bald problems. Today I am going to share an amazing solution and believe me girls this is a 60 days oiling challenge that will solve all your problems

To prepare this oil you will need

Vitamine E Capsule – 5
Coconut Oil – 6 spoon large
Olive Oil – 2 large spoon
Caster Oil – 1 Spoon
Nigella or Kaloji- 1 Spoon

How to make and use it – Mix all the ingredient in a glass jar and keep it on a dark place..after one day take some oil in a bowl and and heat it for some seconds.

Apply gently on your scalp and massage it then make a braid and leave it over night..you can use this quantity for 4 to 5 times..but make sure you always keep it on dark place..

After oiling leave this on your scalp for 2 hours at least or you can also leave it overnight. After that wash your hair with mild shampoo